Upstate – Bear Mountain State Park

I still remember the view from the airplane a few minutes before the arrival at Newark International Airport. It was a beautiful scenery with some mountains and a river in-between. After a bit of research with Yasmin’s friend and the internet it turned out to be the Bear Mountain State Park and its surroundings. We decided to rent a car and book a motel for one night and go upstate.

I was really hungry when we finally arrived at the motel that we booked for the night but all the restaurants were closed and we had to buy our dinner (candy and chips) at a gas station. The next morning we got up early to explore the State Park. It was really cold that day and I had a hard time to leave the warm bed behind. We parked our rental car at the Bear Mountain Inn and Overlook Lodge. I remembered the Lodge from the research for a motel but unfortunately it was too expensive for us. We hiked up to the Perkins Memorial Observatory. Sadly the Observatory was closed while we were there because it is only open from April to November. But I loved the view from the mountain even without the opportunity to use the Observatory.

 I love NYC and all the noises and busyness that comes with it but standing on a mountain 66 km/ 41 Miles away and still be able to see the skyline is a fantastic feeling. Yasmin and I had to leave Bear Mountain State Park the same day to catch our flight back home but the next time I am longer in NYC I will definably go back to spent more time there.  


A hard decision to make when in New York: Top of the Rock or Empire State Building


It´s a hard choice to make if you are visiting NYC and try to stay on a budget: Top of the Rock or Empire State Building. The first time I´ve been in NYC I had such a hard time deciding that I ended up visiting both viewing decks. When Jonas and I went to New York City together we went to the Empire State Building because it is my favorite. Although you don´t have a perfect view and a harder time taking pictures because of the metal bars surrounding you I prefer the Empire State Building because of the architecture and the awesome feeling I had while on top.

 I had a good time with Yasmin on the Empire State Building but I will never forget my visit to the Top of the Rock the first time I was in NYC. I really liked the location of the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) in Manhattan. It is perfectly located in the heart of Midtown. That’s why you have a great view no matter where you look. I couldn’t get over the nice image of the Central Park and the empire state building. Especially the spectacular view of the empire state building at dusk is why I prefer the Rockefeller Center. 

New York City

Jonas and I went to New York City when we just started dating. I actually just wanted to visit a good friend of mine but when Jonas heard about it he asked to join because he really loves the city. For both of us it was the second time in NYC.

My favorite part was the High Line, an old section of the New York City Railroad which is now a park. The tracks are still visible and it feels like floating because you are walking above the streets. The park is only 1.4 miles/2.3 kilometers long but we didn’t mind the short walk because it was January and it was cold outside. To warm up we went to the Chelsea Market I had a Crepe with chocolate and banana but I can’t remember what Yasmin and her friend where eating. Afterwards we went to the Whitney Museum of American Art but to be honest art is not really my favorite thing.

I enjoy art and was happy that my friend suggested to go to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Jonas is not the biggest fan of art Museums but he was outvoted and had to come. The first time I visited NYC I spent the first days only in museums. My favorite was the metropolitan museum of art probably because they have a huge Jackson Pollock and offer free guided tours. What I remember the clearest about the Whitney Museum is the excellent view, the stairwell because of the cool lamps and of course the art exhibitions. I recall standing and talking for quite some time in front of a Frank Stella painting with my friend while Jonas took pictures obviously a little bit bored.

The Museum was O.K. but I only went because Yasmin and her friend really wanted to go. I liked the view from the terrace nevertheless I rather spent my money on the viewing deck from Top of the Rock.