New York City

Jonas and I went to New York City when we just started dating. I actually just wanted to visit a good friend of mine but when Jonas heard about it he asked to join because he really loves the city. For both of us it was the second time in NYC.

My favorite part was the High Line, an old section of the New York City Railroad which is now a park. The tracks are still visible and it feels like floating because you are walking above the streets. The park is only 1.4 miles/2.3 kilometers long but we didn’t mind the short walk because it was January and it was cold outside. To warm up we went to the Chelsea Market I had a Crepe with chocolate and banana but I can’t remember what Yasmin and her friend where eating. Afterwards we went to the Whitney Museum of American Art but to be honest art is not really my favorite thing.

I enjoy art and was happy that my friend suggested to go to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Jonas is not the biggest fan of art Museums but he was outvoted and had to come. The first time I visited NYC I spent the first days only in museums. My favorite was the metropolitan museum of art probably because they have a huge Jackson Pollock and offer free guided tours. What I remember the clearest about the Whitney Museum is the excellent view, the stairwell because of the cool lamps and of course the art exhibitions. I recall standing and talking for quite some time in front of a Frank Stella painting with my friend while Jonas took pictures obviously a little bit bored.

The Museum was O.K. but I only went because Yasmin and her friend really wanted to go. I liked the view from the terrace nevertheless I rather spent my money on the viewing deck from Top of the Rock.