A hard decision to make when in New York: Top of the Rock or Empire State Building


It´s a hard choice to make if you are visiting NYC and try to stay on a budget: Top of the Rock or Empire State Building. The first time I´ve been in NYC I had such a hard time deciding that I ended up visiting both viewing decks. When Jonas and I went to New York City together we went to the Empire State Building because it is my favorite. Although you don´t have a perfect view and a harder time taking pictures because of the metal bars surrounding you I prefer the Empire State Building because of the architecture and the awesome feeling I had while on top.

 I had a good time with Yasmin on the Empire State Building but I will never forget my visit to the Top of the Rock the first time I was in NYC. I really liked the location of the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) in Manhattan. It is perfectly located in the heart of Midtown. That’s why you have a great view no matter where you look. I couldn’t get over the nice image of the Central Park and the empire state building. Especially the spectacular view of the empire state building at dusk is why I prefer the Rockefeller Center.